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TWO in ONE Rollator … No tools required

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As a Rehabilitation Products & Medical Walking Aids, SupaRollator is the perfect companion and solution to people move with difficulty. The 4 Wheeled SupaRollator provides a safe and comfortable way to help your body move around easily.The Rollator offers the user greater stability while walking, across a wide range of surfaces without any problems.

SupaRollator is the best choice for Home Care, it offers the best in comfort and convenience. SupaRollator is also easy for transport due to its lightweight frame. The Folding frames makes SupaRollators folded easily. The removable rear wheel can be disassembled for user who need lighter weight for transportation need.

As a two in one Rollator it only needs few seconds to convert a Rollator into a pushchair. Turn the handles into the push position, adjust the right height of the handles, install the footrests and backrest without need tool.

SupaRollator is comfortable and safe for the person using them. With a SupaRollator, it gives you confidence to go further, allows you to stand and strolling through to explore your daily life.


  1. The handles height is adjustable
  2. Superior independent brakes on each rear wheel
  3. Large comfortable seat and movable backrest
  4. The attachable bag provides extra space for belongings
  5. Pull a knob on seat to fold it without a tool quickly
  6. Tool-free to install the footrests and backrest
  7. Convert a Rollator into a pushchair in seconds without need tool
  8. Easy folding for transportation, fit into any car without problems
  9. Strong frame and wheels
  10. The rear wheels can be removed, assembled easily
  11. Safe, stable and superior maneuverability
  12. Totally tool-free to assemble and disassemble


Product Description

The great companion, the stability of every step you walk out.

30 Second Conversion … No tools required

Product Specifications:

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